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Reformatting The Halls Untoward

Michael Prescott, 2-page dungeon-maker extraordinaire, put out a crowd-sourced dungeon recently called the Halls Untoward. It’s pay-what-you-want on Drive Thru RPG and it’s really good, especially his fantastic illustrations. I’m planning on running it for my 5th-graders, so as usual I’m doing some reformatting. I’ve taken the minimaps of each part of the dungeon, cut them out, stuck them in the middle of a letter-sized page, and then cut out each room description and pasted them right next to each room. The original book is already pretty easy to use thanks to the minimaps, but the larger real estate of a letter page allows for zero information loss while eliminating page flipping and allowing for immediate visualization of each room’s layout and surroundings. Check it out.



  1. Alistair

    That really is excellent. I’m finding these days I like things simple and clear. That looks pretty good.

  2. DangerIsReal

    HI Ben,
    I love this dungeon and I will include it in my whitebox campaign. I sthere any chance that you have notes about the treasures? I do Gold for XP but there is no monetary treasures in this adventure.

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