Maze Rats

Sam Bosma

I’ve spent the last few months polishing Maze Rats, a minimalistic OSR-style dungeon crawler derived from Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd, and which should appear soon in a supplement for that game, Odditional Material. I may expand it later into something more complete, but it’s perfectly playable as is now. It also fits onto two double sided sheets, making it ideal for players new to RPGs. You can make characters in minutes, and explain the rules just as quickly. Download the whole thing below and let me know what you think!

Maze Rats 0.1

2 Replies

  • I like them. A buddy is using them for a PbP campaign over G+, and I am madly in love with ItO, already.

    Well made – loose and fast and tight and gets out of the way when it’s needed to.

  • Great job on this, tweaks Into the Odd just enough to make it so much more OSR and feel a bit more like those games we used to play. Love it and expect to use this at my (virtual) table fairly often.

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