Blog Roll

The Dungeon Dozen – Jason Sholtis (Operation Unfathomable)
Last Gasp Grimoire – Logan Knight (Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine)
False Machine – Patrick Stuart (Deep Carbon Observatory, Fire on the Velvet Horizon, Maze of the Blue Medusa, Veins of the Earth, Silent Titans)
Jeff’s Game Blog – Jeff Rients (Broodmother Skyfortress)
Monsters and Manuals – David McGrogan (Yoon-Suin)
Goblin Punch – Arnold Kemp (The Goblin Laws of Gaming)
Save vs. Total Party Kill – Ramanan S. (Many useful OSR generators and Hexcrawls)
Necropraxis – Brendan Strejcek (Wonder and Wickedness)
Hack and Slash – Courtney Campbell (Megadungeon Zine, Perdition)
Hill Cantons – Chris Kutalik (Slumbering Ursine Dunes, Fever Dreaming Marlinko, Misty Isles of the Eld, What Ho, Frog Demons!)
Necrotic Gnome – Gavin Norman (Wormskin, B/X Essentials)
Mazirian’s Garden – Ben Lawrence (Through Ultan’s Door)
Bastionland – Chris McDowall (Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland)
What Would Conan Do? – Daniel Sell (Troika!)
Methods and Madness – Eric Diaz (Dark Fantasy Basic)
Text Golem
Ice and Ruin – Matt Strom
Playing at the World – Jon Peterson (Playing at the World, Art and Arcana)
Nine and Thirty Kingdoms
Coins and Scrolls – Skerples (Kidnap the Archpriest, Tomb of the Serpent Kings, Epochrypha: A Book of Speculative Ages)
Technical Grimoire – David Schirduan
Throne of Salt
Wrath of Zombie – Mike Evans (Hubris, Death is the New Pink)
Ten Foot Polemic – James Young
Ziggurat of Unknowing – Fiona Geist (Dead Planet)
The Scones Alone – Brian Harbron
Ant-lerrr – Luke Gearing (Fever Swamp)
Lithyscaphe – David Perry (Principia Apocrypha)
Pits Perilous – James & Robyn George (Pits and Perils, Blood of Pangea, Barons of Braunstein)
Grognardia – James Maliszewski (The Cursed Chateau)
Cavegirl’s Game Stuff – Emmy Allen (Wolf Packs and Winter Snow, The Gardens of Ynn, The Dolorous Stroke, The Stygian Library)
Monster Manual Sewn From Pants – Scrap Princess (Deep Carbon Observatory, Fire on the Velvet Horizon, Veins of the Earth, On the Shoulders of Giants)
Wizard Thief Fighter – Luka Rejek (Ultraviolet Grasslands, Witchburner)
Ten Foot Pole – Bryce Lynch
I’ll See it When I Believe It – Michael Prescott
Break!! – Reynaldo Madriñan and Grey Wiz
The Manse – Cacklecharm
Old Skulling – Diogo Nogueira (Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells, Dark Streets and Darker Secrets, Solar Blades and Cosmic Spells)
Gorgonmilk – Greg Gorgonmilk (Wormskin)
Demogorgon – Jacob Hurst (Hot Springs Island)