Over on Storygames, I found this beautiful summary of a Burning Wheel campaign, by Bret_Gillan.

My character Brutus began the game as a three lifepath ditch digger. He has since then swore an oath to a Fairy Queen to bring blood and fire to the world, became bonded to the throne of the shapeshifting ancestors of his people, and worshipped the corrupted cannibal wolf god of winter (Winter’s Breath) and became a shapeshifter himself. His friends helped him to realize what he was turning into, not a hero but a monster, and so he went to confront the wolf god where he lived in a place called the wolf dreams. He told Winter’s Breath a story of the god he used to be before his corruption, running through green grass and dark wood. Winter’s Breath moved to strike him down but as Brutus told the story the corruption reversed and Winter’s Breath’s coat turned from white to sable, and he became the wolf god of the woods again.