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Where’s Waldo books as Die Drop Table Compendiums

If you need quick ideas for random NPCs and encounters, just open to the relevant page of a Where’s Waldo book and throw some d6s at it. Make the die result how favorable the encounter is to you. Martin Handford’s done all your work for you.

For example: Town Encounters


Western Encounters


Musketeer encounters:


Tavern encounters:


Random treasures


Random banners:


And so on and so on. Almost every page of those books are useful for ideas. Even anachronistic ones can be easily re-themed into some thing suitable.

And for more random tables than you can shake a goblin’s dismembered leg at, download Maze Rats and never run out of ideas again.


  1. OnTilt

    You could have at least circled all the Waldos for me so I didn’t have to waste so much time looking for each one. . .

  2. Rich

    Hi, Questing Beast
    I love Maze Rats had some ideas for extra material and tables etc. If I wanted to publish it online a) would you be ok with that, and b) what font is MR written in?

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