Enter the world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and return what was stolen from you.

Labyrinth: The Adventure Game is a complete roleplaying game, featuring an adventure I wrote with 100 scenes to explore and solve. Use cunning, memory, and logic to make your way to the Goblin King’s castle before 13 hours expire, or be lost in the Labyrinth forever.

The print version is a gorgeous artifact designed to look like the Sarah’s book from the 1986 classic film, with a secret hole cut out to contain the custom dice.

Includes writing by Alessandro Cavatore, Jack Caesar, Patrick Stuart, and Matt Ward with artwork by Ralph Horsley, Johnny Fraser-Allen and Brian Froud.

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Labyrinth is the most instant fun right-out-of-the-box game I’ve ever seen. It’s like hitting a button that generates a good time and an evening well spent.

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