My Games

Maze Rats (Second Edition) – A 2d6 OSR-style game with 88 d66 random tables for running sandbox adventures.

Maze Rats (Second Edition) (Spanish) – A translation of Second Edition Maze Rats into Spanish by Séregras.

Maze Rats (First Edition)- A fantasy adaption of Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd. This was my first attempt at what eventually became the Complete Edition of Maze Rats, above, which uses a very different system, and has many more random tables. I keep this older version available for Into the Odd players who want a fantasy twist.

Maze Rats (First Edition) (Japanese) – A translation of First Edition Maze Rats into Japanese by Toshiya Nakamura.

Rules Summaries

Burning Wheel Player’s Guide 2.0

Burning Wheel Procedural Guide 2.2