What is Questing Beast?

I’m a gamemaster, mapmaker and 5th grade teacher living in Phoenix. This blog covers most of my interests: old-school roleplaying games, worldbuilding, cartography, illustration, boardgames. I also have a Youtube channel with a number of tutorials and advice videos.

One thought on “About”

  1. Hi there – saw your dungeon crawl video on Maze of the Blue Medusa and absolutely loved it! Single-handedly reignited my interest in RPGs when I randomly stumbled upon it. I haven’t played D&D since junior high some 20+ years ago.

    Anyway, I hunted down a copy of MotBM and want to use Maze Rats to play it. I’m new to GMing and a little confused as to how to convert/interpret monster stats in MoTBM for Maze Rats. Are Maze Rats Characters directly compatible? How can I convert D&D or DCC stuff? I feel like with 4 starting HP they would die immediately haha

    Thanks again for your great videos. I’d back your Patreon for more OSR stuff (awesome maps! But less personal interest for me) or more Maze Rats content and guides. I’d also love to help with any future playtesting, dungeon crawls or proofreading/editing (used to work as a movie script assistant for Universal).

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